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Cody - my lipizzan needs help -see his story here 

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Immortal -Lipizzan stallion Siglavy Angelica was published  full page in Kelly Klein's coffee table book Horse published by Rizzoli


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Andalusian Lipizzan Friesian CalendarCalendarA Woman Bumper Sticker © Lynn R Photo

Lynn’s most popular horse images now exquisitely translated onto t-shirts, totes, calendars, coffee mugs , Tile boxes, bumper stickers and more.These items make wonderful gifts!

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Lipizzan , Andalusian and Friesian Fine Art Prints by equine photographer Lynn R

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 "This equine artist has given us a rare glimpse into the very highly enlightened soul of the horse." P. Jones-Goulding


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Lynn R Equine Note Cards

Finely Crafted 5" x 7 " White Linen Note Cards with matching envelopes featuring

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