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Lynn RCody  and Lynn

Lynn              A favorite photo of me and my "pony" Cody

Lynn's equine photography evolved when she integrated her life long affinity for horses with her passion for photography. Lynn began her career as a portrait photographer. Although she seemed to have some talent for it, she lacked any essential training and most of the necessary practical skills. "I didn't know an f-stop from a stop bath." She learned the techniques of her profession in college, through intensive course work that covered subjects which varied from the extremely technical through the business and into the art of photography. Her teachers included two Brooks Institute graduates and a classically trained British photographer. After graduating, she worked at a pro camera store where she had the opportunity to expand her knowledge further by teaching photography and darkroom courses. Lynn became a professional equine photographer in 1985. Her riding coach suggested that she might be able to bankroll her horse habit by selling horse photos -- two passions combined. [two hurdles with one jump] She began by taking photos of her barn buddies, and through their feedback and advice, gradually acquired the skill at capturing just the right moments. She started photographing horse shows, specializing in the English disciplines and began to have her work recognized and published. Lynn believes that she has learned as much about horses and riding through her photography as she has in the hours spent in the saddle. "I have been fortunate to have had the privilege of meeting and learning from some truly great horsemen through my photography, and I have been blessed to have made lifelong friends along the way."


 Cody is my Lipizzan x gelding and is truly my "once in a lifetime" horse. Lynn R.

 The Baroque breeds have become a passion and a specialty of Lynn's equine photography. Lynn first discovered these horses through the breathtaking images of Robert Vavra, and while her exquisite photographs convey a similar mystique, she has developed a style quite distinctly her own. Her love affair with classical horses began with Cody, a half-Lipizzaner who magically appeared in her life when she most needed him, not long after the devastating loss of her only child, Jeremy. Cody wasn't even supposed to be for sale; he appeared in the background of a sale video of several other horses. Lynn made the 1200 mile trek from her home in Canada to California to meet the horse of her dreams. He turned out to be everything she was looking for and more. The chance to ride his sire, Maestoso II Sabrina , confirmed what she already suspected- she had found something truly special. While at the breeding farm where she purchased Cody, she had an experience which changed her professional life as well. Lynn had the opportunity to photograph art in motion- Baroque horses at play. The images she captured there changed the way she envisioned and photographed horses. Lynn's focus now is on developing and honing the artistic component of her work and she has recently signed with a stock photo agency specializing in horses , in order to free up more of her time to create her images.

 Lynn provides original images to a variety of clientele and has garnered both recognition and a loyal following of collectors. Her works are represented in private and public collections throughout Canada , the United States and overseas. Over the years, her passionate pursuit in capturing not only the physical beauty of her equine subjects but their spiritual essence as well has gifted her followers with an intimate and moving look into the mystical nature of the horse. Lynn's photographs have been published in many of the horse world's leading publications as well as in a variety of advertising and promotional venues for both corporate and private clients.

In my photographs, I try to create an "equivalent" for what I feel for my subject, to convey the emotion of the moment, to reveal the spiritual essence I see in the subject, rather than to just record a literal rendition. I found my voice when I photographed a Lipizzan stallion for the first time. It was truly a mystical experience for me; I had discovered a way to photograph what I dreamed  and create images that are my spirit and my heart. My photography became a dance, a rhythm between me and my subject, with the interplay of light and color, the layering of images combined to create a sum greater than the whole. This is when my photography became my art.
Style Technique

Magical Realism. Work with 35 mm Nikon system in color transparencies, color film, digital and scans. Photographs printed on Cibachrome, Fujichrome and Giclee archival papers.


Lynn Jasmine and Cody

Lynn with my best buddies Cody - Lipizzan gelding and Jasmine - Catahoula Leopard Dog

I have so many photos of Cody ,he now has his own page.

Cody's Page

My son Jeremy. 3/24/84 - 8/3/93

Our life together was full of love, joy and laughter.

Every day with him was a gift and he taught me all about spirit,love and beauty.

Mom and Jeremy riding Boone - Quarterhorse /TB cross

Irish -my first horse

Check out the pants , tells you how old this photo is. The little girl in the photo is Mandy who is all grown up now.

Irish- and my first attempt at taking horse photos.

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