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Lynn's Lipizzan


Cody comes back home May 2007

Trying to keep up Fermins training start of Spanish walk and bowing.

our first ride after being reunited

Thank you Stacy for bringing my special pony back to me . 

Thank you Fermin for taking such good care of Cody when I couldn'thave him with me  .



Cody the UnicornCody as a UnicornCody's very 1st ribbon


Codys Baby pics

Look at those ears, (he did grow into them),  I have to say if I'd seen him at this age I would have thought he was a mule baby. 

Gary  with baby Cody ( who is looking a bit cuter )

2yr old Cody with Gary

2yr old Cody

Cody with trainer Fermin Leon

Fermin trained Cody to bow and Spanish walk and had also installed power steering and power brakes.

Seriously,I am thrilled with Cody's progress , he is even better to ride now, very collected while remaining soft and light to the aids .

Fermin had taken Cody to several parades and Fiestas . Cody carried a flag in the last parade.




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