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CODY 2017 

Cody ,my Lipizzan x gelding  was diagnosed 2 years ago with severe ring bone (Arthritis)in his left front pastern  which is not curable but therapies are available that can make this manageable so that he is not in pain and can live his retirement life in comfort . To those who do not know him or me :

; Cody is my Lipizzan x gelding and is truly my "once in a lifetime" horse. Cody appeared in my life in 1994 when I most needed him, not long after the devastating loss of my only child,my son  Jeremy in 1993 . Cody wasn't even supposed to be for sale; he appeared in the background of a sale video of several other horses and something about him drew me to pursue meeting and then buying him . I made the 1200 mile trek from my home in Canada to California to meet the horse of my  dreams. He has turned out to be everything I was looking for and more. He has seen me through some good and also very dark times and we have had a bond and a love affair from the start . Cody has been trained by some of the best,  5x Olympian rider Robin Hahn started him under saddle when he was 3 years old  and Cody remarkably learned to bow and do Spanish walk at about 12 years of age , trained by friend Fermin Leon .  Cody has been everywhere has done a lot of things in his life from appearing in shows and parades, to being the grooms horse at a wedding ,used as a rope horse on cattle , has given countless  children pony rides, has baby sat me and has just been a star all his life, even in his retirement he  has been a babysitter for hurt and orphaned foals as well as a calm companion for other horses.   Cody will have his 25th birthday August 18/17 so we have been together for 23 years and have had many adventures together .

Lynn R.


Up till now Cody's  ringbone  been managed successfully with Previcox ,an anti inflammatory and pain medication but has in the last few months shown signs of increased pain and lameness so

I recently had Cody re assessed by a veterinarian who is a specialist in this area Dr Tara Trimble of Okanagan Veterinary Clinic in Kelowna BC  .  After examining him as well as taking x-rays, she has adjusted his medications and will be recommending the best treatment options after consulting with some of her expert colleagues. It is her opinion that keeping Cody pasture sound and out of pain is a realistic goal and achievable. I was very happy to hear this as in some cases of Ringbone, euthanasia is the only and kindest option.  I have had this horse for 23 years and feel he is not ready to go yet, he is happy, in good weight and body shape and still looks forward to his treats and we both enjoy our time together.  He loves getting groomed and scratched and still gives me hugs and kisses. I love this horse more than life and will not and would not let him suffer so anything I can do to keep his quality of life good  is the least he deserves after all he has done for me and others . I just do not have the financial resources for some of the treatment options so I am appealing for your help.I have set up a Go Fund Me page for Codys vet bills   As an example proposed  treatments can be $150.00 each for shockwave therapy ,  $800.00 for joint injections and the latest veterinary bill for consultation and x-rays  is expected to be about $ 250.00

Please help if you can and I would be very grateful if you can pass this along to any of your contacts as well . I will post bills and update information as it comes available. You can see more pics and info at or on my facebook page

Update July 20/2017 - Dr Tara, after reviewing Cody's X-rays and consulting with some of her colleagues  has recommended that we give Cody Osphos injections to stop the bone re -absorption and help stabilize the joint . This treatment costs $385.00 so as soon as I can raise these funds,   we will go ahead with this .

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you can provide.  I would never ask for help for myself but I would do anything for this very special horse .

Lynn Rougeau

Here is the link if you can help


Lynn's Lipizzan


Cody comes back home May 2007

Trying to keep up Fermins training start of Spanish walk and bowing.

our first ride after being reunited

Thank you Stacy for bringing my special pony back to me . 

Thank you Fermin for taking such good care of Cody when I couldn'thave him with me  .



Cody the UnicornCody as a UnicornCody's very 1st ribbon


Codys Baby pics

Look at those ears, (he did grow into them),  I have to say if I'd seen him at this age I would have thought he was a mule baby. 

Gary  with baby Cody ( who is looking a bit cuter )

2yr old Cody with Gary

2yr old Cody

Cody with trainer Fermin Leon

Fermin trained Cody to bow and Spanish walk and had also installed power steering and power brakes.

Seriously,I am thrilled with Cody's progress , he is even better to ride now, very collected while remaining soft and light to the aids .

Fermin had taken Cody to several parades and Fiestas . Cody carried a flag in the last parade.




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